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Personal Coaching 45 minutes a week by phone
4 weeks a month, 3 months minimum
Contract required.
Monthly fee due by the 5th of each month.
Fees quoted on an individual basis
Group Coaching (local "players") Minimum 4 players
One hour per week
4 weeks per month
3 months minimum
Contract required
Business Coaching/Training $150/hour

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  1. Working with coach Dorinda has been a great experience ... Putting the small steps into action has helped me create a course toward my goals and objectives ... constant course corrections ensure I reach my destination."

    -S.J.J., Pharmacist Expert

  2. "With honesty, directness, clarity and tremendous insight, Dorinda coaches from the heart."

    -Monica, businesswoman

  3. "I want to thank you for [everything] and for the many tools I will take with me as guides. I would recommend you to friends, family, and especially students who need guidance to reach their goals."

    -Esme, college student
    & dog groomer

  4. "I gave my friend the good word of the great work you do. You could certainly help her."

    -Dr. Steve K., Ph.D.,
    business owner

  5. "Dorinda is an excellent listener, is concerned about her clients' welfare and is passionate about helping others achieve their desire."

    -Roy A.,

  6. "Her cheerleading has helped me believe in myself. Her coaching inspired my personal life and satisfaction with my career."

    -Tom L.,
    Gas Company employee

  7. "Your style of coaching has filtered into everything I do. It is subtle but powerful."

    -Marie G.,
    real estate loan officer