An Hour a Week
Can Change Your Life

Dorinda Judd

Career / Balanced Life Coach

What is Life Coaching?

It is a powerful process to help you clearly identify where you are now and where you desire to be in the future. Your coaching partner helps unwrap the answers within you, gives you clarity and insight as you develop a plan for success, while holding you accountable for your action steps.

What is Balanced Life Coaching?

The coach helps you maintain balance in six essential areas of life as you work toward specific goals. The essential areas are:

  • Career/Work
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Having Fun
  • Spirituality
  • Giving Back

The coach is a mentor, cheerleader, sounding board and support all rolled into one. The focus is totally on you as you work through the critical steps into the future. The coaching environment is one of confidentiality and caring.

Dorinda's Five-Step Coaching Program

  1. Describe - Discover your strengths, self beliefs, efficiency, core values, the power of why, good and bad habits, competencies, and all those things that make clear what you want and need in order to move forward.
  2. Explore - Do the necessary research to determine the achievability of your goals.
  3. Game Plan - Make specific decisions about what to do next. Develop a roadmap for its completion. Become the pilot of your life!
  4. Implement - Brainstorm, develop weekly action steps. Be accountable to yourself and your coach each week.
  5. Reach Your Goal - Celebrate small and large accomplishments. Be challenged to expand your goals and go to higher levels.

A Balanced Life Coach is a dreamer's best friend!

  1. Working with coach Dorinda has been a great experience ... Putting the small steps into action has helped me create a course toward my goals and objectives ... constant course corrections ensure I reach my destination."

    -S.J.J., Pharmacist Expert

  2. "With honesty, directness, clarity and tremendous insight, Dorinda coaches from the heart."

    -Monica, businesswoman

  3. "I want to thank you for [everything] and for the many tools I will take with me as guides. I would recommend you to friends, family, and especially students who need guidance to reach their goals."

    -Esme, college student
    & dog groomer

  4. "I gave my friend the good word of the great work you do. You could certainly help her."

    -Dr. Steve K., Ph.D.,
    business owner

  5. "Dorinda is an excellent listener, is concerned about her clients' welfare and is passionate about helping others achieve their desire."

    -Roy A.,

  6. "Her cheerleading has helped me believe in myself. Her coaching inspired my personal life and satisfaction with my career."

    -Tom L.,
    Gas Company employee

  7. "Your style of coaching has filtered into everything I do. It is subtle but powerful."

    -Marie G.,
    real estate loan officer